Tuesday 20th (Main Event)

Tuesday, November 20th

The New Commerce Forum


An evolution of the Swiss e-Commerce Conference, this year the event has evolved and expanded to Switzerland’s leading digital convention. Don’t miss it.


Today’s events will take place at the Trafo Baden Hotel and Conference Center, Baden (Zurich), Switzerland.


From 9:00am until 6:00pm, CET

8:00am - 8:45am Room: main

Event Registration / Check-in / Welcome Coffee

9:00am - 9:15am Room: main



Welcome addresses delivered by:

  • Welcome to Baden – Mr Markus Schneider, The Mayor of the City of Baden
  • NetComm Welcome  – Carlo Terreni, General Director, NetComm Suisse
  • Platinum Sponsors Welcome – David Kauer, Lead Innovator | Mitglied des Kaders Initiativenleiter MyShopping, PostFinance
9:15am - 10:30am Room: main

Opening Keynote Address


The New Commerce Forum is the evolution of the Swiss e-Commerce Conference (SeC) and a culmination of a 6-year-long drive to advance the opportunity, tools and legislative framework of the e-Commerce industry in Switzerland and beyond.

In its new guise, the New Commerce Forum aims to build upon the past years of success and open the way to an even more successful future for the industry. This year’s opening address aims to show the way forward. Don’t miss it!

  • “The Future of Retail Experiences” – Thomas Husson, Forrester Research
  • “How to invest in your innovation lifecycle” – Michele Raballo, Accenture Interactive
  • “E-nnovate or Die: The service provider’s innovation challenge” – Carlo Terreni, NetComm Suisse
11:00am - 12:30pm Room: red

Innovation meets eCommerce


This session is dedicated to pioneers in the field of innovation:

  • Innovation in Mobility – Giovanni Notarbartolo di Furnari, Quadro Vehicles
  •  Conversational Commerce: reinventing the omnichannel customer journey – Francesco Magagnino, Accenture Interactive
  • How disruptive innovation can change a company inside out leveraging on technology – Francois Hirt, Philip Morris SA
  • Intelligent Brands in Intelligent Retail – Jasmine Kotek, Microsoft
2:00pm - 3:00pm Room: red

Technology for eCommerce


  • “The Future of Digital Commerce” – Tobias Giese, Intershop Communications AG
  • A Google Masterclass in Marketing Automation & Machine Learning in Search – Daniela Kepper, Google
  • E-nnovation in payments What’s hot? What’s next? – Gero Kummer, PayPal
3:20pm - 4:20pm Room: red

Shaping the Future Through AI


  • “AI and Machine learning defined” – Ian Jindal, InternetRetail
  • “Artificial Intelligence @ Vodafone” – Marco Di Mandri, Vodafone Italy
  • “Amazon challenges and opportunities: the win-win strategy of STIGA Group to grow in the marketplace” – Fabio Marin, FiloBlu and Alberto Billato, STIGA Group
4:30pm - 5:30pm Room: red

Evolution in the Health Industry



  • Bringing women’s health into the 21st century – Naemi Benz, Ava Women
  • eCommerce for Consumer Healthcare: Challenges & Opportunites – Patrick Leimgruber, Sanofi
11:00am - 12:30pm Room: green

The Myth of Omnichannel


  • NetComm Suisse Omnichannel Study – Luca Paderni (Moderator)
  • Omnichannel Panel Discussion
    • DXC Technology – Dan Seymour
    • Dixons Carphone – Corin Mills
    • Zimmerli – Claudia Utz


  • “Operations First – Express logistic as a key success factor in growing cross-border eCommerce in Europe”
    • Lukas Bugler, DHL
    • Stefan Sidler, Louis XVI Watches
2:00pm - 3:00pm Room: green

New VAT Legislation debate


This panel discussion will tackle the competitiveness of Swiss eCommerce market and VAT reform.


  • Patrick Kessler – VSV ASVAD (moderator)
  • Mr. Beat Vonlanthen – Member of Council of States
  • Claude Grosjean – Federal tax Administration
  • Dr. Johannes Cramer – Digitec Galaxus

Breakout Session

  • Why Crossborder? And how! – Patrick Wolf, Swiss Post / Asendia


3:20pm - 4:20pm Room: green

eCommerce Trends affecting the Swiss Market


  • “Upcoming trends in regulation/legislation of Swiss eCommerce” – Lukas Bühlmann, MLL
  • “A tale from a century-old company fueled by digital transformation” – Sébastien Aeschbach, Chaussures Aeschbach
  • “The economics of eCommerce in Switzerland” – Sascha Jucker, Credit Suisse
4:30pm - 5:30pm Room: green

Manufacturers approach to the changing world of eCommerce


  • “Evolution of the Sales Force in an Omnichannel world” – Natalie On, Groupe SEB
  • “3D Printing & mass personalization: the future of eCommerce?” – Martina Ballerio, Elmec Informatica
11:00am - 12:30pm Room: blue

Measuring your Marketing Return on Investment


  • Measuring your marketing investment – Armchair chat with Jacques-Erwan Ricoux, The North Face
  • Simplifying ePayment with PostFinance Checkout all-in-one – Sergi Gubin, PostFinance
  • Using data to increase ROI – Moritz Schmid, perfecthair.ch
  • Masterclass in Measuring your Marketing ROI: Youtube as a Performance Channel – Moritz Dickfeld, Google
2:00pm - 3:00pm Room: blue

Using Social Media as a successful eCommerce Driver


  • “The rise of stories for eCommerce” – Silvano Senn, Facebook
  • “Paid Social & the Marketing Funnel: how to grow eCommerce sales with social advertising” – Phil Haslehurst, Adglow
  • “Social Media towards Purchase funnel: from awareness to conversion” – Mohamed Zohny & Pascal Coulier, HP
3:20pm - 4:20pm Room: blue

Customer engagement


“Revolutionizing sales and payment – The evergrowing importance of omnichannel and marketplaces”

  • Manuela Karam Feuz, SIX Payment Services

“Omnichannel in the charitable giving industry”

  • Marco Zaugg, RaiseNow

“Personalizing the hospitality experience using eCommerce marketplaces”

  • Marlon Koch, MENU Technologies

“Do Insurance companies need eCommerce?”

  • Mattia Zanetti, Zurich Insurance Company Ltd.
4:30pm - 5:30pm Room: blue

Using Data to Drive Innovation in the Food & Retail Sector


  • “Future Opportunities in FMCG E-Commerce” – Kieran Duke, Nielsen
  • “How Barilla is re-thinking food industry? From eRetailer relations to eBusiness models” – Guy Keeling, Barilla
5:30pm - 6:30pm Room: main

Closing keynotes


  • The Next Level of Digital Transformation – powered by Alibaba – Dr Ye Huang, Alibaba Cloud
  • Trends and Innovations in the Swiss Online Grocery Market – The Case coop@home – Matthias Schu, coop@home
  • Shopping in the Age of Assistance – Bernhard Schindlholzer, Google