Manuela Karam Feuz

Manuela Karam Feuz

Partner Management eCommerce | SIX Payment Services

Manuela Karam Feuz is heading the Partner Management eCommerce for SIX Payment Services. SIX Payment Services is Switzerland’s leader in payment processing and offers the most secure, stable financial technology providers available. SIX Payment Services is the ideal partner of choice for businesses of all types and sizes who expect rapid, user-friendly cashless solutions to deliver a better customer experience. The company is developing several new solutions (marketplaces, omnichannel, etc) to allow its partners to offer state of the art payment solutions and explore new ways to bond with their end customers. Manuela has worked with big brands, web agencies and banks on various projects related to eCommerce and ePayments. After a Masters in Linguistics and History, Manuela Karam Feuz has pursued her education in economics and project management.

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20/11/2018 | 3:20pm - 4:20pm