Steven Urbach

Steven Urbach

Founder & Co Owner | Discountlens

Steven Urbach launched his first online store for contact lenses in 2004. Shortly thereafter, he closes the contact lens institute in downtown Zurich and focuses entirely on internet sales of contact lenses. Thanks to low cost structures, discountlens can offer contact lenses 30-50 % cheaper than traditional brick-and-mortar retail. Another advantage of discountlens is its fast delivery. In the largest contact lens warehouse at discountlens in Dübendorf, over 2 million contact lenses are waiting to be ordered by more than 500,000 customers from 5 countries. Discountlens is not only the clear number 1 in online sales of contact lenses in Switzerland, but also number 3 in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland and among the top 10 in Europe.

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19/11/2018 | 2:00pm - 3:15pm